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About Us

About the owner:

Kristy Udo was born in Honolulu, relocated to the mainland and graduated from Branham HS in Campbell, California.  For the past 20 years, she has been a poker dealer at Bay 101 in San Jose, California.  She decided after 20 years of dealing and being in the company of some pretty grouchy players😥😤😬😈😡 (you can't please everyone) that she would trade them all in, return to the islands and take on her new venture of Just Ice.  After all, nobody can be grouchy when eating shave ice!  The new adventure would entail a newer model Chevy express cargo van which is equipped to make and sell shaved ice.  This van is decorated with SMILING FACES, Emoji's and pictures of shaved ice in  every vibrant color of the rainbow.  The truck attracts children like a bright, neon beacon.  There is nothing greater than seeing the happy faces of "Keikis" as they take their first bites of 😋🍧🤗 shaved ice. It was a "No Brainer!!!  Just Ice was conceived.

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